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The Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory (OWML) is responsible for making determinations in a number of areas critical to the ongoing management of water quality in the Occoquan watershed, including :

Determining the suitability of reclaimed water for indirect discharge into a public water supply;

Providing information required for consideration of alternative treatment practices at the water reclamation plant;

Providing receiving water data for use in contemplating water reclamation plant expansions; Providing information on water quality effects and cost-effective control of nonpoint sources of pollution.


Since its founding, the Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Program (OWMP) has been successful in building a hydrologic and water quality data acquisition and analysis system that has formed the basis of regional watershed management decision-making for nearly 30 years. The system has made it possible for the local governments of northern Virginia to successfully deal with the competing uses of urban development (and the attendant wastewater discharges and urban runoff) and public water supply in a critical watershed-impoundment system.

Instantaneous streamflow conditions at gauging stationsflowrate image