Project List:

  • The Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Program
  • Transport of Suspended and Dissolved Constituents in the Mainstream of the Potomac River at the Fall Line
  • The Lake Manassas Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Performance Evaluation of an Urban Bioretention Practice in a Surburban Catchment

The Occoquan Laboratory is organized under the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. There have been resident faculty and staff at the Manassas Laboratory since 1972. Research projects are conducted jointly with other Virginia Tech faculty, and with investigators from a wide range of other other institutions, including research universities, and public agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia and elsewhere.

Research activities at OWML are generally organized into the following categories:

  • Reuse of reclaimed water to supplement potable water supply
  • Physical/chemical limnology of lakes and reservoirs, with a particular interest in the mitigation of water quality impacts due to human activity
  • Sediment-water interactions in lakes and reservoirs
  • Characterization and control of nonpoint source and urban runoff pollution, including the development and validation of Best Management Pratice (BMP) technologies
  • Modeling of stream and reservior systems, with a paticular emphasis on sediment and nutrient transport and fate in the transitions between upland, riverine, lacustrine, and estuarine systems
  • Development of web-enabled, GIS-based, environmental information acquisition, analysis and query systems for the suport near real-time decision-making
  • Integration of geospatial information technologies into the solution of environmental problems in water quality management, plannning and development at the watershed scale